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slogan is a console tool to analyze monthly log files created by DXSPIDER. It gives you an overall picture regarding connected users, helps to identify power users, loads, etc.

The program also helps to find possible frauds displaying the country of the IP address, indicating a different country than the callsign itself.

Slogan lists end users connected to the system during the period and display the following information:

  • Callsign
  • Date and time of first connection
  • Date and time of last connection (if there are more)
  • Number of connections
  • Total connected time
  • Number of different IP addresses used
  • IP address of last connection
  • Country where the last IP is allocated

Some summary information is also displayed:

  • Name of log file analyzed
  • Date of creation
  • Date and time of forst log entry
  • Date and time of last log entry
  • Number of different callsigns connected
  • Number of stations already connected when log starts
  • Number of max conencted users
  • Date and time when max users connected
  • Number of log errors (connect/disconnect sequence)


The program is written in PYTHON, a free scripting language. Usually it is already installed on a LINUX system. No special modules are required. Compatible with Python 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x and 2.5.x versions. 2.6.x is expected to work but not tested yet. Python 3.x is intentionally not backward compatible, therefore slogan may need to be modified to work properly. Stick with 2.5 or 2.5 version.

For WINDOWS download it from

Operating systems

Program is developed and tested on LINUX (CentOS 5.2). It is expected to work on any modern LINUX system and any other OS where PYTHON is available, including WINDOWS. However it is not tested yet on other systems.

LINUX Installation

Extract the archive and copy slogan, and ip-to-country.csv to a directory which is included in the shell path. On most LINUX systems /usr/local/bin is a good choice, but it may vary.

Check file permissions and change it to 644 if necessary. On some systems 777 would be needed.

No configuration is required.

An installed DXSPIDER system is not necessary, only the log file is processed. Program can be run on a different machine.

No online connection required, the Internet is not used at all.

WINDOWS XP Installation

Following installation is tested on WINDOWS XP. WINDOWS 2000 and VISTA must be similar.

  • Download latest Python (was 2.5.2 when tested) from and install
  • Open Control panel/System 'Advanced' tab
  • Click 'Environment variables' on the bottom
  • Click Path in the lower window (system variables)
  • Add the Python install path, default is C:\Python25 (use ; as a separator)

Now WINDOWS knows where to find Python.

Copy slogan, and ip-to-country.cvs to a directory of your choice. Open a command line window, enter to the directory where slogan files are and type:

python slogan <log file>

It works without any modification, renaming etc. of the original files.


Program requires only one argument, the name of the log file. In case of typical DXSPIDER installation log files are stored in the /spider/data/log/ directory in a subdirectory for each year.

For example to analyze the March 2008 log type in the console:

slogan /spider/data/log/2008/03.dat

You can save output to a file on the usual way:

slogan /spider/data/log/2008/03.dat > report0803.txt


New versions will be announced on the DXSPIDER mailing list.

The IP to country database is updated regularly, latest version is available at


Program including the module can be used, shared or modified freely with no restrictions. For the licensing info of the IP to country database visit


Your feedback, error reports, feature requests are welcome. Send email to

Reporting bugs

When you report a bug please send the following information:

  • Slogan version
  • Python version
  • Type and version of host operating system running slogan
  • Screen copy of error message
  • Log file processed

Latest version

Latest release is 1.3