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15 February 2023

10 February 2023

1 February 2023

  • 08:2208:22, 1 February 2023 diff hist +7,024 N CVSCreated page with "==CVS== ===CVS from a Linux platform=== CVS stands for "Concurrent Versions System" and the CVS for DXSpider is held at Sourceforge. This means that it is possible to update your DXSpider installation to the latest sources by using a few simple commands. A graphical interface to CVS for Windows is explained in the next section. Please be aware that if you update your system using CVS, it is possible that you could be running code that is very beta and not fully test..." current
  • 08:2108:21, 1 February 2023 diff hist +2,558 N SecurityCreated page with "==Security== From version 1.49 DXSpider has some additional security features. These are not by any means meant to be exhaustive, however they do afford some security against piracy. These two new features can be used independently of each other or in concert to tighten the security. ===Registration=== The basic principle of registration is simple. If a user is not registered by the sysop, then they have read-only access to the cluster. The only thing they can act..." current
  • 08:2108:21, 1 February 2023 diff hist +2,957 N Web based statisticsCreated page with "==Web based statistics== ===Generic installation=== From version 1.50, you can use the freeware software MRTG to produce really nice graphical statistics on your web site. For an example try The following should help you get it all working. First you need to download the latest version of MRTG from You will also need the following files.. libpng-1.0.14.tar.gz zlib-1.1.4.tar...." current
  • 08:2008:20, 1 February 2023 diff hist +2,607 N Java Web appletCreated page with "==Java Web applet== In the spider tree will be a directory spider-web. This is a neat little java web applet that can be run from a website. The applet must run on the same machine as the cluster. The included README file is shown below. I should comment here that the applet is precompiled, that is, ready to go. It was compiled using JDK1.3.1. If your version is earlier than this then it may not work. Should that be the case you need to recompile or update your J..." current
  • 08:1908:19, 1 February 2023 diff hist +10,260 N Information, files and useful programsCreated page with "==Information, files and useful programs== ===MOTD=== One of the more important things a cluster sysop needs to do is to get information to his users. The simplest way to do this is to have a banner that is sent to the user on login. This is know as a "message of the day" or "motd". To set this up, simply create a file in /spider/data called motd and edit it to say whatever you want. It is purely a text file and will be sent automatically to anyone logging in to th..." current
  • 08:1908:19, 1 February 2023 diff hist +2,902 N DatabasesCreated page with "==Databases== Spider allows the creation of local or remote databases. It supports chained databases, allowing several different databases to be scanned with one simple command. Importing of databases is limited at present to the standard AK1A databases such as OBLAST and the DB0SDX QSL database but will expand with time. ===Creating databases=== Creating a database could not be more simple. All the commands are sent from the cluster prompt as the sysop user. To c..." current
  • 08:1608:16, 1 February 2023 diff hist +2,451 N ScriptsCreated page with "==Scripts== From 1.48 onwards it will become increasingly possible to control DXSpider's operation with scripts of various kinds. The directory /spider/scripts is where it all happens and is used for several things. Firstly it contains a file called startup that can be used to call in any changes to the cluster from the default settings on startup. This script is executed immediately after all initialisation of the node is done but before any connections are possible..." current
  • 08:1508:15, 1 February 2023 diff hist +2,764 N Other filtersCreated page with "==Other Filters== ==Filtering Mail== In the /spider/msg directory you will find a file called Rename this to and edit the file. The original looks something like this .... # the list of regexes for messages that we won't store having # received them (bear in mind that we must receive them fully before # we can bin them) The format of each line is as follows # type source pattern # P/B/F T/F/O/S..." current
  • 08:1408:14, 1 February 2023 diff hist +18,500 N Routing and FilteringCreated page with "==Introduction== From DXSpider version 1.48, major changes were introduced to the way node connections are treated. This is part of an ongoing process to remove problems with loops and to enable talk and other functions to propagate across the whole of the worldwide cluster network. In fact, in a Spider network, it would be useful, perhaps even necessary to have loops. This would give real resilience to the network, meaning that if a link dropped, the information flo..." current
  • 08:1408:14, 1 February 2023 diff hist +2,960 N DXSpider Administration ManualCreated page with "#Authors and Contributors #Routing and Filtering ##Introduction ##Route filters ##The node_default filter ##General route filtering ##General filter rules ##Types of filter ##Routing_and_Filtering..." current

30 January 2023

29 January 2023

27 January 2023

24 January 2023

  • 19:1119:11, 24 January 2023 diff hist −4 MediaWiki:SidebarNo edit summary current
  • 19:1119:11, 24 January 2023 diff hist +201 N MediaWiki:SidebarCreated page with " * navigation ** mainpage|mainpage-description ** translations-url|Translations ** recentchanges-url|recentchanges ** randompage-url|randompage ** helppage|help-mediawiki * SEARCH * TOOLBOX * LANGUAGES"
  • 19:0219:02, 24 January 2023 diff hist +66,633 N TranslationsCreated page with " The DXSpider Benutzer-Handbuch v1.51 Ian Maude, G0VGS, ( February 2003 revision 0.2 uebersetzt im April 2003 (dj2ang/dh0sp), korrekturgelesen und aktualisiert auf April 2003, rev. 0.5 im Juli 2003 (dl3sbb) aktualisiert auf Stand Juni 2004 - Rev. 1.0 im Juli 2004 (dl3sbb) Eine umfassendes Handbuch fuer Benutzer des "DXSpider" DXCluster Programmes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Inhaltsuebersicht 1. E..." current
  • 18:5918:59, 24 January 2023 diff hist +452 N WindowsCreated page with "==Windows== ===What does "EINPROGRESS" or "EWOULDBLOCK" not exported by mean?=== These are messages put out by starting under Windows with certain releases of Activestate perl. The messages are warnings and can be safely ignored. They happen because Unix systems have these error condition names as synonyms for another error. Windows does not have them and so it complains about it on startup. The warnings are entirely benign." current
  • 18:5818:58, 24 January 2023 diff hist +6,622 N AdministrationCreated page with "==Administration== ===How can I get Spider to restart automatically if it crashes?=== Put this line into /etc/inittab .. DX:3:respawn:/bin/su -c "/usr/bin/perl -w /spider/perl/" sysop > /dev/tty7 Run telinit q as root. Spider will restart so be aware. However, any time you reboot, will start in tty7 and if it crashes, it should restart ok. ===How can I monitor traffic to and from a node or user?=== There are 2 ways to achieve this. You can..." current

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